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International Political Science Association Research Committee on Political Finance and Political Corruption, (RC 20).

The Committee on Political Finance and Political Corruption was recognised as a study group in 1976, and was granted research committee status in 1979. learn more about RC 20


Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University was awarded university status in 1992. Today, with a student population of 31,000, we are one of the largest universities in the East of England, and a large provider of part-time education. learn more about Anglia Ruskin University

tils_logo_naujas_webTransparency International” Lithuanian Chapter”

TILC is a non-profit organization, established on 6 June 2000 according to the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Public Institutions. The founder of the TI Lithuanian Chapter is the Open Society Fund Lithuania. learn more about Transparency International “Lithuanian Chapter”

The Center for the Study of Democratic Societies

The Center for the Study of Democratic Societies is a research and educational institution dedicated to the examination and explanation of the properties and possibilities of democratic societies and democratic socioeconomic systems. Founded in 1969 and directed by Robley E. George, the Center is now a global network of thoughtful people from many walks of life, all sharing a deep commitment to significant improvement.  learn more about Center of the Study of Democratic Societies


  International Society for Mobile Youth Work

ISMO, the "International Society for Mobile Youth Work" in Stuttgart, a non-governmental organisation, together with other professional organisations of Youth Welfare Service from around the world has been developing the concept of Mobile Youth Work as a community-based street work approach on the international level for many years.  learn more about International Society for Mobile Youth Work


2East Ukranian Society for International Studies


net  West Ukrainian Scientific Community

The main goal of the West Ukrainian Scientific Community is to meet and protect the legal, social,  economic, scientific, cultural interests of its members, to promote the development of educational programs in the region, targeting and research support, assistance in protecting the rights and interests in the field of training, research and educational activities, the development of scientific cooperation, an educational, scientific, cultural and educational activities to promote the establishment of a democratic civil society Learn more about West Ukrainian Scientific Community

logoactnew2 2 


The Bulgarian Sociological Association is a professional non-profit organization, whose members carry out theoretical and empirical research, teaching and publishing activities in the field of sociology in Bulgaria. Its members are scholars, experts working in the public and private sphere, doctoral students and graduate students working professionally or having professional interests in the field of sociology and social problems.Learn more about  Bulgarian Sociological Association

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