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Reviewing process

Peer Review Process

SCS Journal is an internationally peer-reviewed journal.

All articles submitted to the SCS Journal are reviewed by at least two independent readers who are qualified experts in the subject field. Authors and reviewers remain anonymous during this process. Reviewers' recommendations are taken into consideration by the editors in determining publication and revisions.

Submitted papers will normally be sent to two referees, with the authors names removed, for constructive confidential appraisal designed to maintain a high standard of publication.
Well-presented papers result in faster turnaround times, more accurate proofing, and eventual reduced time to publication. Papers submitted in poor conformity with the editorial requirements given below may be returned without review.

All authors are responsible for a paper that they co-author and must agree to its submission.
Acknowledgment of these requirements must be made to the Editors at time of submission.

Submission can be made only through online registrations: papers should be submitted electronically for this you may need to register first. Please ensure you remove all author names for the peer review process.
Dates of receipt and acceptance are the dates on which the author’s completed manuscript and final revision, respectively, with all illustrations and electronic files, are received in the editorial office.

The clearness, responsibility and effectiveness of the peer review process are the top priority of the SCS editorial board. This is because we aim to observe the high academic quality of our publications, while at the same seeking innovative, interesting research papers written by younger scholars and scholars from Post-Soviet countries who find very few other spaces for publication. Our Editorial Board is committed to striking a successful balance between those two aspects.

Papers submitted to SCS go through an initial selection by one of Editors in Chief with the purpose to assess and eventually improve their relevance to the SCS research focus. After being accepted for peer review, the papers are evaluated as follows:

Academic Review: depending on their fields of expertise, two academics review each paper and provide comments as well as indications on whether the paper should be published or not. Papers selected by at least one of the two editors and by the editor in chief move on to the next stage. Rejected papers are sent back to the authors with the commentaries provided by the reviewers and indications as to whether they can be re-submitted.

Because of its focus on interdisciplinary comparative research, the SCS is committed to providing rich and constructive commentaries to all prospective authors. In return, authors are asked to be ready for revisions and re-writing throughout the review process. The managing editor has responsibility for advising on improvements and re-structuring of papers and for deciding which reviewers will review them. All decisions by the SCS editorial board, as communicated by the managing editor, are final.

Publication Frequency

The  SCS Journal is published 1-3 times per year

Open Access Policy

SCS journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Copyright for articles published in any given issue of SCS Journal is retained by the authors. Authors are asked to make sure that the publication of their manuscript or of parts of it in SCS Journal does not violate copyrights of other publishers, since they are liable for copyright offences. If copyright for a paper published in SCS Journal is assigned to another publisher,SCS Journal should be notified.
1. The submission of a paper will imply that, if accepted for publication, it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in any language, without the consent of the Publisher.   By submitting an article authors giving the publisher permission to publish the named paper in a specific issue of this Journal.
2. Overall copyright ownership of the paper however, remains with the author/s.

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